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Cybercriminal Lurks In Your Data Center

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Your Data Center

Data centers play a pivotal role in practically every industry in today’s world. From small network closets to giant enterprise configurations, data centers enclose the critical infrastructure and sensitive information that keeps your business running day in and day out. Therefore, protecting these assets from cyber threats is paramount. In this blog, we’ll explore essential data center cybersecurity best practices to safeguard your facility and ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data.

Cybersecurity 101: Staff Training

There are many products and services decision-makers can purchase and implement on behalf of their staff, whether it is a small school district, regional healthcare system, or nationally franchised financial institution. But there is one thing these entities all have in common: each group is made up of individual people. The cold facts are that approximately 88% of data breach incidents are caused by employees’ mistakes, according to a joint study from Stanford University Professor Jeff Hancock and security firm Tessian.

With this statistic in mind, facility leaders who are interested in data center cybersecurity must first consider the training their staff has had in the past and what they plan to provide in terms of ongoing education. Encourage staff to report suspicious activities promptly. Social engineering attacks often target employees, so vigilance is crucial.

While reviewing your training structure and timeline, consider your company’s reporting protocols. As noted in Professor Hancock’s aforementioned study, employees are less willing to admit to their mistakes if organizations judge them severely. Therefore, for long-term cybersecurity success, transparency and open communication should be the standard.

Protect Your Equipment with Vertiv Firmware Updates

Outdated firmware can create huge vulnerabilities in your critical infrastructure. To ensure the ongoing stability and health of your equipment, it’s imperative to install timely, authorized firmware updates. This also provides you with fast access to the new features you’ll want to use. Contact us to learn more.

Invest in Monitoring and Management Solutions

In order to monitor and manage your data center’s infrastructure efficiently, real-time insights are critical. Downtime is costly – every second counts. As a Vertiv-certified factory-direct product and service provider, we at Weber & Associates, Inc thoroughly understand the importance of mitigating issues before they arise. Below we’ve outlined some of our best data center cybersecurity solutions to protect your critical infrastructure.

Our Monitoring and Management Solutions give you the power to identify gaps in your data center cybersecurity setup, manage capacity, reduce risk and increase efficiency in real time. Browse the solutions below to get more information about Weber & Associates, Inc‘s Monitoring and Management Solutions.

Advanced Console Servers

Vertiv’s full line of Avocent serial console appliances include the field-tested ACS, the SMB-targeted ACS 5000 and the next generation ACS 6000. Learn more about our Avocent serial consoles today.

Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert

The Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert provides companies with critical facility monitoring software that is affordable and easy to use. This solution delivers superior monitoring, alerting, trending and data organization capabilities for industries such as healthcare, financial services, government and more, helping them protect and grow their business. Explore more of our Enterprise Monitoring Systems today.

Vertiv™ Power Assist

The Vertiv™ Power Assist is a free software used to gracefully shut down an IT device when the UPS battery backup experiences a threatening condition. The software notifies users of an event, displays key metrics and logs historical data. It is easy to install and protects computers from damage and data loss during a power event.

SMB Monitoring Solutions

By implementing continuous security monitoring solutions to track and analyze system logs, network traffic, and user activities, small-and-medium-sized-business owners can access early detection of potential threats and vulnerabilities. SMB monitoring solutions help small IT departments maintain system efficiencies and stay ahead of growth. Browse our line of SMB Monitoring Solutions.

Partner With Weber & Associates, Inc

While no amount of planning can truly guarantee a data breach won’t occur, investing in ongoing staff training and reliable monitoring solutions are surefire steps towards fortifying your data center’s cybersecurity. To learn more about the variety of solutions we offer, contact us today.

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