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data center optimization 2019

As the new year begins, we look to it with hopes for advancing technologies, increasing profits, and business growth. Data centers are no different. The technology and systems backing data centers are rapidly improving and this year will experience the biggest leaps yet.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your data center in 2019.

Hire a Data Security Officer

Data security is one of the largest concerns for the governing bodies of the world right now, and it should be for you, too.

Losing data can cause damage to your company, brand image, and finances. If you work in the medical field, lost client data can net fines of millions of dollars, and few businesses can take such a fiscal hit. But a great first step to avoid breaches is to hire a Data Security Officer.

Their key responsibilities include developing data protection processes, policies, and documentation so all stakeholders can understand them.

With a Data Security Officer, you can make your data center far more secure and safe for both you and your clients while staying abreast of the latest data protection technologies.

Replace Conventional Hard Drives

Reliability, storage density, and cost are all major concerns for data center storage, which is why many are migrating their storage from traditional HDDs (hard disk drives) to SSDs (Solid-State Drives). They’re faster, quieter, and take up less energy. They also have the same capacity capabilities as HDDs.

On average, a traditional hard drive uses 9 Watts. SSDs, however, use essentially no energy until they are activated, at which time they consume 2 Watts.

This results in a 70-75% energy savings in the operation of just the storage. These might seem like small numbers, but make the switch at the beginning of 2019, and you’ll see significant savings throughout the year.

Invest in Automation

Employing resources can be a challenge. But with data center automation, you can optimize your operational efficiency as well as reduce workload.

Innovative technologies review applications running within the data center, or within the cloud, and help automate and control them. For example, investing in a DCIM solution gives you the power to manage capacity, reduce risk, and increase efficiency in real time.

Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Solutions

For companies that maintain their own data center, cloud and hybrid cloud solutions are quickly becoming a powerful resource to keep up with demand from users and data growth. The outcome allows infrastructures to optimize data distribution, improve performance, and control costs.

A hybrid strategy can be beneficial to all organizations by connecting internal and external resources. This allows businesses to use the cloud as an extension of its existing data center while controlling costs and reducing risks.

Upgrade Hardware

Upgrading a battery pack might seem like a small thing, but upgrading small hardware components can save energy while increasing the reliability and safety of your data center.

Improved processors increase output and capacity, while advanced cooling saves money and allows for more hardware to occupy the same amount of space. Small upgrades, or replacements, often add up in surprising ways and are a great way to save money in 2019.

Implement a 2019 Data Center Strategy with a Vertiv Partner

Ready to improve your data center’s processes and equipment in 2019?

As your Local Vertiv Partner, we offer a variety of solutions to help mitigate downtime risks and optimize efficiency. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you grow this year and for years to come.

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