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Data Systems Management Tips for Government Facilities

With sensitive information like citizen records, public safety data, and financial credentials being stored on government servers, municipalities and government facilities are a prime target for data breaches and cyberattacks. By prioritizing data systems management, government entities and municipalities can save money, protect sensitive information, and ensure smooth functioning of their operations.

As a certified Vertiv partner, our data center factory-direct services play a vital role in this process. We make it our mission to equip your team with robust critical infrastructure to ensure the safety and efficiency of your government data systems. In this blog, we’ll define the industry’s best practices to keep your data systems secure and optimized for performance.

Protect Your Government Data Management Systems

Proper data systems management includes regular backups, software updates, and disaster recovery planning. Below we’ll dive into how you can ensure the safety and efficiency of your government data systems.

Software Updates & Regular Backups

Outdated software is a significant risk factor for data breaches. Always ensure that all software is updated regularly, and patches are applied when available. Automated software updates can make this process much easier and more efficient, and they don’t rely on an IT person to perform the job.

Recurring, live backups are critical. All data stored on government servers must be protected to ensure information can be recovered in case of data loss or a cyberattack.

Disaster Recovery Planning

In the event of a data breach, information is compromised, halting the general functionality of government operations, not to mention the potential harm towards each individual citizen due to leaked personal information.

A disaster recovery plan should be in place in case of data loss or system failure. This plan should include procedures for data recovery, system restoration, and continuity of operations. Visit our blog for guidance on creating a disaster recovery plan to strengthen your government data management.

Employee Training

To keep your government data secure, your staff must receive ongoing training and be made aware of their role in upholding government data management best practices. Regular training and education sessions can help employees stay informed about the latest threats and industry standards.

Additionally, data access should be granted only to authorized personnel with the appropriate permissions. Access should be monitored and audited regularly.

Re-Think Your IT Equipment and Infrastructure

Government data management systems are dependent on a reliable network infrastructure. Your network must be able to handle the high volume of traffic generated by your staff as well as citizens who submit payments or contribute in other ways.

Municipalities and government entities must have a robust and scalable network infrastructure that can handle growing demands and scale alongside your organization.

How can government entities harness the most efficient technology possible to drive down skyrocketing power costs and conserve tax dollars?

Invest in Energy-Efficient Hardware

Energy-efficient hardware is designed to consume less power while delivering high-performance results, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower power bills for government entities. This can include servers, storage devices, and networking equipment.

The first step to becoming more efficient is to analyze your current state of affairs. Real-time insights about your data center’s infrastructure provide numerous benefits. With more accurate and timely information, you reduce risk and increase efficiency in real time. Explore our Monitoring and Management Solutions to learn more.

Consolidate Your IT Infrastructure

Drive down power costs and conserve tax dollars, while still ensuring optimal performance, simply by consolidating your existing IT infrastructure. This reduces your physical infrastructure footprint, which in turn lowers power consumption and costs.

Organization is key to consolidation. Regardless of your project or room size, we have the optimization solutions for you. Browse our line of Server Rack Cabinets and Enclosure Solutions to learn more.

Find the Most Reliable – Yet Cost-Effective – Network Infrastructure

In addition to the aforementioned products and services, our data systems management offerings for government and municipalities include:

Partner With Us

Our team is well-equipped to support your government data management. We understand the stringent requirements and incredible regulatory complexities that government institutions face daily. To learn more about the variety of solutions we offer to keep your civic infrastructure secure and online, contact us today.

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