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Preparing For The Future Of Infrastructure 2022

Preparing for the Future of Infrastructure in 2022

With every new year comes new organizational goals and ways to take advantage of technology trends to enhance your data center’s efficiency and optimization.  

Here are a few trends to consider when preparing your infrastructure in 2022: 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) 

As networks become more complex and real-time computing and decision-making become integral to meeting full-time management capability needs, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to collect data, create automated updates to data, and allow for full-time monitoring and management will be critical in optimizing the performance of the increasingly common hybrid model of data centers.  

Edge Data Center

The pandemic created an immediate need for edge infrastructures, allowing organizations, specifically those in healthcare, education, government, and retail, to continue to provide services to the general public. Most edge centers were created quickly with a flexible hybrid model across all industries.

As we look to the future of IT infrastructure, the solutions created through the pandemic for consumers and employees allow flexibility and convenience. 2022 will see an increase in investment to the edge to support the new normal of remote work and increased reliance on e-commerce and telehealth. 


Equipment providers have embraced integrated systems for years. In addition to popular data center offerings, including integrated racks and rows, 2022 will see the next step in integration as data centers and providers work together to integrate larger systems better.

By integrating the various IT systems and applications to cohesively work and coordinate together in a unified manner, organizations can improve relationships with customers and partners, increase workflow efficiency, and cut operational costs and deployment time.


The data center industry invests in more environmentally friendly practices to help the effort against the growing climate crisis. Vertiv predicts some organizations will “embrace sustainable energy strategies that utilize a digital solution that matches energy use with 100% renewable energy and ultimately operate on 24/7 sustainable energy.”

Preparing for extreme weather events related to climate change will continue to drive more robust infrastructure systems, making reliability, offline availability, and affordability key factors in the infrastructure decision making.

What Are Your 2022 Goals?

Are you looking to modernize your IT infrastructure? We can help you build out a complete and effective solution to take your business into the future. Get started today!

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