Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS8000 – Serial Console 48 port Server | Modem | Dual AC

The Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS8000 Advanced Console Server system integrates connectivity features for secure in-band and out-of-band network remote management of IT assets from anywhere in the world. It includes a 48 port console server, an analog modem, and dual AC power supply. The serial console system helps maximize IT asset productivity while providing scalability to reduce operational costs for a range of applications from insurance, education, financial, and military institutions.


  • Fast, automated configuration with Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • In-band and out-of-band serial access to remotely manage IT devices anywhere in the world
  • Automatic ethernet or cellular failover using second GbE port for failover
  • Preset security profiles: secure, moderate, and open
  • Custom security profiles


  • NEW! - Cellular connectivity provides secondary failover support
  • Environmental sensor port gives visibility into onsite conditions
  • Access and troubleshoot remote locations using automatic network failover to cellular, Ethernet or analog modem
  • Strong dial-up and secure dial-back using optional built-in modem
  • Compliance with data center access and security policies customizable, multiple access levels
  • No need for adaptors with automatic Cyclades™ and Cisco pin-out conversions
  • Integrated support for 1Gb SFP fiber modulesy8 USB ports to support new IT equipment and external devices