Albér MPM-100 Battery Monitoring System

This product is discontinued.

Diagnostic system designed for lower cell count applications such as telecom or stationary battery systems. Continuous data center monitoring potential problems using parameters such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current and temperature. Automatic periodic tests of battery internal resistance verify the operating integrity of the battery.


  • Scans all pertinent battery parameters
  • Performs a scheduled resistance test and stores results for trending
  • Auto detects discharges and stores data for playback
  • Signals if a parameter is outside user-programmed limits
  • Communicates with an external computer using USB, modem, RS-232 or LAN (RJ-45)
  • Network compatible


  • Self-contained processing unit. •
  • Can communicate with an automatic callout system upon alarm or discharge current sensing.
  • Connection to a monitoring site via the network or through the internal modem, or locally to a computer via the RS-232/USB port. Higher Availabiliity
  • Automatic periodic tests of internal resistance verifies the operating integrity of the battery.
  • A time-to-go estimate algorithm assists in predicting remaining battery life. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Optimizes useful battery life -- Instead of waiting for an inevitable failure or replacing batteries prematurely to prevent problems, users can continue to utilize the batteries longer and with confidence by knowing the true internal condition.Ideally Suited For
  • Most power, telecom and cellular applications
  • Other lower cell count applications