Battery Preventive Maintenance for Industrial Applications

Batteries are considered the most critical, yet vulnerable component of the emergency power system. In fact, battery failures are one of the leading root causes of load loss. A comprehensive preventive maintenance program for your emergency power system’s batteries is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to ensure system reliability and prevent costly downtime.


  • Periodic inspections designed to assess battery cell and string state of health are offered monthly, quarterly or annual for all battery types including VRLA, VLA and NiCad
  • Battery capacity testing, performed per IEEE standards and manufacturer specifications determines a battery’s ability to provide a reliable power source and support the required load
  • Battery charger maintenance includes regular inspections of racks, interconnection cables, cell connectors, and other conductors to ensure your batteries are fully charged and working as intended


  • Greater emergency power system availability and reliability results from ongoing battery service
  • Less unplanned downtime is achieved through regular oversight that resolves potential issues before a failure
  • Longer battery service life happens as problems that cause premature aging are avoided or corrected
  • Improved battery performance is possible when power systems are optimized through maintenance activities
  • Lower total cost of service occurs as maintenance prevents battery performance issues from becoming problems that lead to costly downtime