Generator Preventive Maintenance for Industrial Applications

Backup power systems rely on well-maintained generators to provide backup power during extended power outages. Regular maintenance ensures your generator will start quickly to assume the full load and keep your critical facility running.


  • Mechanical systems inspection includes the checking of connections and components to uncover any flaws including corrosion, leaks, cracks, abrasions, and low fluid levels
  • Regular exercising of the generator engine ensures proper lubrication, prevents contact oxidation, and uses fuel prior to deterioration
  • Lubrication services includes checking of engine oil and performing oil and filter changes as needed
  • Cooling system check verifies the proper level of coolant solution, radiator cleanliness, and operation of coolant heater
  • Fuel system check includes an assessment of fuel degradation, charge-air components, and engine air intake components
  • Battery testing eliminates backup power system failures due to weak or undercharged starting batteries
  • Load bank testing validates that the backup generation system performs to design specifications and is able to support the load


  • Maximized reliability is achieved with regular checks of your generator's mechanical, cooling, and fuel systems
  • Minimized repair costs are the result of having ongoing service that prevents failures, which often lead to emergency repair
  • Ensured business continuity is possible when generators and starting batteries have been properly maintained and tested