GXT5-EBC192VRT3U, Liebert® External Battery for 192V Liebert® GXT5 UPS

The Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT5-EBC192VRT3U is an external hot-swappable, lead-acid UPS battery cabinet designed for use with these UPS models: Liebert® GXT5-5000HVRT5UXLN, Liebert® GXT5-6KL630RT5UXLN, Liebert® GXT5-8000HVRT5UXLN, and Liebert® GXT5-10KHVRT5UXLN. Its new auto detection feature makes installation easy and fast ensuring the UPS configuration is complete and accurate. Users can connect to up to 10 external battery cabinets to a single UPS for extended runtime.


  • High power factor from 0.9-1.0
  • Full-color graphic LCD with gravity sensing orientation
  • Programmable outlets for power cycling hung equipment and optimum battery usage
  • The RDU101 SNMP/Webcard provides remote management capability and support for environmental sensors. It also supports orderly shutdown of connected equipment with FREE Trellis™ Power Insight shutdown software.
  • Integrated maintenance bypass on select models
  • Rack / tower convertible systems
  • Hot-swappable internal battery and scalable power with auto-detection of external battery cabinets
  • Energy Star® 2.0 certified


  • More usable power to support more connected loads for cost and space savings
  • Simplified installation and operation
  • Remote UPS firmware upgrade capability
  • Ability to prioritize critical loads
  • Improved ability to manage connected devices without impacting continuity
  • Streamlined remote monitoring and operational efficiency
  • Faster deployment and accurate runtime information
  • Intelligent battery health management for optimized service life
  • Optimized energy and capacity management
  • Eligible for the Vertiv™ Trade-In Program. Contact a Vertiv partner for discount rates and to calculate your savings