Liebert DCD Water-Cooled Passive Rack Door, 50kW

The Liebert DCD is a fanless heat exchanger module that installs as the rear door of an equipment rack. This chilled water-based system provides up to 50kW of room-neutral cooling. As many as ten Liebert DCD modules are connected to a single Liebert DCP coolant pumping unit, which acts as an isolating heat exchanger between the building chilled water source and the circulating cooling water.


  • Cools rack loads up to 35kWprovides100% sensible capacity.
  • Door allows for full access to the servers and equipment by opening 180 degrees.


Highly efficient Fanless cooling module requires no maintenance Requires minimal floor space Full access to the rack eqipment Supports hot aisle/cold aisle configurations and irregular configurations Supports scalable expansion without interrupting cooling operations