Liebert Direct Evaporative Freecooling Unit, 150-600+kW

The Liebert Direct Evaporative Freecooling Unit delivers the
lowest capital and operating costs, with a mechanical PUE of less than 1.1,
streamlined installation and the industry’s lowest peak power consumption. Options are available for supplemental DX (direct expansion) or chilled water cooling sized for full or trim cooling.


  • DX or chilled water secondary cooling options sized for full or trim cooling
  • EC fan or direct drive fans with VFD options, in single or fan array configurations
  • Integrated bypass damper
  • Self-optimizing controls with machine-to-machine communications and advanced algorithms
  • Design minimizes required electrical infrastructure


PUE less than 1.1 Lower power consumption Minimal water usageEliminate over-cooling or under-coolingControls teamwork modesharmonize multiple cooling units for higher efficiency and protection. Low kW per unit - downsizes electrical infrastructureControls require little if any customization