Liebert EconoPhase Pumped Refrigerant Economizer

The Liebert Econophase pumped refrigerant economizer works with the Liebert DSE cooling unit and Liebert MC Outdoor Condenser to significantly improve data center efficiency – without bringing in outside air and without using water.


  • Uses pumped refrigerant for higher absorption than water or air systems
  • Pump unit serviceable without loss of cooling
  • Advanced Liebert iCOM controls for automatic failure diagnostics and self-optimization


  • Highly efficient - PUE as low as 1.05 in full economizer mode
  • Supports sustainability and cost savings initiatives
  • No water and no costly water treatment required
  • No outside air contamination
  • No dampers and louvers to adjust and maintain
  • Instant changeover to economizer mode, even for short time periods, to optimize free cooling hours