Trellis™ Power System Manager

This product is discontinued.

Complete management of your data center’s power system.


  • Understand current operating state of the complete powersystem through a one-line diagram; quickly identify and address potential issues and understand overall health
  • Navigate from one-line diagram to device view, allowing you tosee data center power both from a bird’s-eye view and under amagnifying lens
  • Determine which devices or racks are dependent on a deviceusing configured connections, allowing you to better plan powermaintenance and perform risk assessments
  • Create comprehensive downtime reports of cascading powerfailures by reviewing the historical operation of equipment
  • Ensure adequate power capacity of the complete power systemis available during planning activities
  • Forecast power consumption based on current and historicaldata; plan deployment based on data center capacity plans
  • Map out dependency relationships of IT equipment to the powersystem; aid in risk assessments and enhance data center teamcoordination
  • Adjust operating loads on equipment based on actualinformation to maintain service level agreements and increaseefficiency—without worrying about availability
  • Evaluate power system utilization through dashboards


  • Receive a comprehensive view of power resource and utilization for easier management of the complete data center power system–from utility entrance down to the rack power distribution
  • Gain complete awareness of the active power path and the status of all devices in that power chain using a dynamic, maintainable one-line diagram
  • Understand the dependencies within the power system, aiding maintenance activity planning
  • Use current and historical trends to make more accurate capacity forecasts and deployment plans
  • Improve business continuity through documentation of the power system and connections