Vertiv™ WSN Gateway

Vertiv™ Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) provides an easily deployed platform for improved environmental visibility. Providing secure coverage for larger areas reduces deployment cost and network complexity. With best in class security, the Vertiv™ WSN uses proprietary data packet validation, layered encryption and user approval requirements to ensure your data stays protected. Integration with upstream Vertiv systems provides unmatched versatility and management through a single user interface. Available for order in early Q1 2020.


  • Wireless communication of sensor data
  • Single button push sensor joins
  • Wireless protocol provides increased sensor distance
  • Multi-layer encryption with network lockdown
  • Restricts automatic incorporation of wireless values into mission critical control
  • Custom APIs for seamless integration
  • Auto-discovery of new Vertiv wireless devices via Vertiv gateway
  • Wireless radio comes standard with temperature, humidity, two flex IO ports, accelerometer and beeper


  • Substantially decrease installation labor costs compared to wired solutions
  • Save up to 15% in material costs with less to manage and deploy
  • Decrease install time
  • Effectively monitor data center environment with a single user interface for many sensors
  • Act fast if a problem occurs
  • Improved end-to-end security
  • Fast firmware updates and device configuration
  • Flexible, fast relocation options