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Vertiv data center assessment

Unlocking Data Center Potential

How can you unlock hidden potential in your data center to better meet the needs of customers? In our work with diverse data center teams across the country, from tiny to mega — each relies on two keys, data center assessment, and innovative solutions.

What is Data Center Assessment?

Whether you are building a new data center or maintaining an existing one, assessment is an effective tool to define and improve customer service levels. A data center assessment is a collaborative discussion and plan for the current and future data center environment, including:

  • Strategic direction and organizational priorities
  • Infrastructure management and end-of-life planning
  • Current and future reliability level
  • New technologies and applications
  • Energy efficiency
  • Monitoring
  • Implementation timeline

As part of the assessment, we design a solution together that fits your business goals and addresses your unique challenges. Although you may already use some form of data center assessment, getting outside input can provide the insight needed to improve efficiency and leap ahead of the competition.

Innovative Data Center Solutions

Innovative solutions are the second key to optimizing your data center performance. For example, let’s look at two popular Vertiv products which align with top data center concerns of availability and energy efficiency.

  • Vertiv eXM Uninterruptible Power Supply (10kVA-250kVA)
    Availability is essential in any data center. And a reliable UPS protects your data center and business from costly interruptions. The Vertiv eXM Uninterruptible Power Supply provides efficient power protection– as high as 99%, and maintains efficiency across multiple load scenarios. In fact, the eXM UPS has a small footprint which increases system capacity and minimizes installation and cabling expense.


  • Vertiv iCOM-S Thermal System Supervisory Control
    With increasing data center demands, energy consumption is a major concern. The Vertiv iCOM-S system control allows management of your entire cooling system from one place. When used with Vertiv iCom unit controls, it can reduce cooling energy usage by up to 50%. The iCOM-S optimizes thermal system performance by preventing units from operating in conflict and automatically deactivating unneeded units during low-load conditions.

Data Center Consulting

To achieve your objectives you need a partner who understands the complexity of technology challenges while aligning investments to your business goals. As your local Vertiv business partner, we offer data center assessment, award winning products, and expertise that will save your business time and money. Contact us today to learn more about data center assessment and technology solutions.

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