Outdoor Package Systems

Our free cooling evaporative systems deliver the world’s highest efficiency, protection and reliability, and transform data center design to meet needs of the largest, most complex data center environments.

Liebert Custom Air Handling Systems

Liebert free cooling evaporative cooling systems transform data center design and meet the efficiency and availability needs of the largest, most complex data center environments. Comprehensive configuration and project management services ensure that our solutions fit each customer’s specific requirements.

Liebert Direct Evaporative Freecooling Unit, 150-600+kW

The Liebert Direct Evaporative Freecooling Unit delivers the
lowest capital and operating costs, with a mechanical PUE of less than 1.1,
streamlined installation and the industry’s lowest peak power consumption. Options are available for supplemental DX (direct expansion) or chilled water cooling sized for full or trim cooling.

Liebert DX Air Handler, 150-600+kW

The Liebert DX Air Handler delivers data center efficiency with the flexibility for modular build outs. Multiple configurations include outside air economization, evaporative condensing and evaporative cooling to reduce energy consumption.

Liebert EFC Indirect Evaporative Freecooling System, 400kW

The Liebert EFC Indirect Evaporative Freecooling System is a highly reliable and efficient cooling system for colocation, cloud hosting and other large data centers. It combines a highly efficient heat exchanger and advanced Liebert iCOM controls to help customers save money, reduce risks and simplify thermal management. The Liebert EFC achieves mechanical PUE levels as low as 1.03, provides a single footprint for rapid deployment and is a highly scalable solution.

Liebert Indirect Evaporative Free Cooling Unit, 150-400+kW

The Liebert Indirect Evaporative Free Cooling Unit improves energy efficiency with potential PUEs under 1.2 with minimal water usage. It includes supplemental DX (direct expansion) or chilled water options for trim cooling requirements.

Liebert® DSE Packaged Free-Cooling Solution, 400-500kW

Reduce costs and increase economization hours with the highly efficient Liebert® DSE Packaged Free-Cooling Solution. The Liebert DSE is the world’s most widely deployed pumped refrigerant economization system for data centers, with over 8,500 installations.

Vertiv XTE 201 Series

Compact power, equipment and battery enclosures designed for small cell sites at the network edge.

Vertiv XTE 401 Series

Designed to discretely house DC power equipment, electronics and batteries in a single robust enclosure. The Vertiv XTE 401 Series is a family of three small single-sided low-cost indoor or outdoor rated aluminum enclosures. These enclosures can be equipped with a variety of inexpensive cooling, power, protection and battery options.

Vertiv XTE 601 Series

Vertiv XTE 601 Series of scalable outdoor enclosure solutions designed to ensure environmental stability for sophisticated electronic equipment and provide years of trouble-free service wherever the outdoor enclosure is deployed.

Vertiv XTE 601B Series

The Vertiv XTE 601B Series enclosures are available in a variety of heights and designed to accept NiCd and/or VRLA batteries, and can be cooled actively or by free air.

Vertiv XTE 601E Series

Designed to support C-RAN technology today while providing the flexibility to adapt to the 5G infrastructure needs of tomorrow. Streamline infrastructure at your site by consolidating electronics, power and batteries in a single enclosure.

Vertiv XTE 802 Series

The Vertiv XTE 802 Series Network Edge Enclosure, constructed entirely of lightweight steel, ensures vital electronic equipment is protected from vandalism and environmental damage.

Vertiv XTE Platform Series

Designed to be installed in eight hours or less, the Vertiv™ XTE Platform Series is ideal for rapidly deploying cell sites. Prefabrication saves money, simplifies installation, and minimizes site disturbance.

Vertiv XTE PTS Series

Vertiv XTE PTS Series provides main service disconnect, AC surge protection, AC distribution and generator connection in a single environmentally protected enclosure geared toward remote telecom installations.


Discontinued Outdoor Package Systems Products

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