High Heat Density

High heat density system delivers data center cooling for more than 30 kW per rack. Liebert XD offers floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount configurations. Utilizes pumped refrigerant, which is ideal for use around electronic equipment. Enhances the hot aisle / cold aisle approach to cooling. High density solutions are configured in 45 ton (160 kW) building blocks with spot cooling modules that range in size from 2.5 to 8 ton (9 to 30 kW).

Liebert XDO, XD Overhead Cooling Module, 17.2-20kW

Overhead cooling module that mounts directly above the cold aisle, requiring no floorspace. It draws in hot air from the hot aisle, then discharges cool air into the cold aisle where the equipment air inlets are located.

Liebert XDH, 22-30kW​​

In-the-row cooling module placed directly in line with the rack enclosures, and requires very little floorspace. Air from the hot aisle is drawn in through the rear of the unit, cooled, and then discharged horizontally through the front of the unit into the cold aisle.

Liebert XDV, XD Racktop Cooling Module, 8.8-10kW

Rack cooling module that mounts vertically on or above the IT rack enclosure, requiring no floorspace. It draws hot air from inside the cabinet or from the hot aisle. It then cools the air and discharges it down to the cold aisle.

Liebert DCD Water Based Cooling Modules up to 50 kW with Liebert DCP 200 kW Pumping Unit

Available in both passive and active configurations, the Liebert DCD chilled water rear door heat exchanger provides cooling to high density racks. The Liebert DCP supports the Liebert DCD cooling doors by isolating the pumped water from the building chilled water system.

Liebert XD Pumping and Chiller Units, 130-160kW

The indoor Liebert XD Pumping and Chiller Units include the Liebert XDP and the Liebert XDC units. These refrigerant-based systems support Liebert XD System spot/zone data center cooling modules, including the Liebert XDO, Liebert XDV, Liebert XDH, and Liebert XD CoolFrame units. The Liebert XDP is used between the cooling units and an associated heat rejection system, while the Liebert XDC is used between the cooling units and a chilled water system.

Liebert XD Refrigerant-Based Cooling Modules

Liebert XD refrigerant-based cooling modules deliver high-density cooling with highly flexible configurations for floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount applications.

Liebert XDA, Air Flow Enhancer, 1000CFM

The Liebert XDA rack fan unit optimizes data center cooling by increasing air flow through densely populated enclosures, past congested cabling; removing hot spots within the enclosure that can threaten the uptime of your critical systems.

Liebert® XDU Coolant Distribution Unit

Designed to remove barriers to liquid cooling in an air-cooled environment, the Liebert® XDU Coolant Distribution Unit is a liquid-to-air heat exchanger for chip cooling applications that offers easy, cost-effective deployment in any data center. The unit operates without facilities water, allowing you to tap into the benefits of water-cooled servers to more efficiently support higher rack densities without incurring the costs of major infrastructure changes.


Discontinued High Heat Density Products

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